About Us

Assured Development Services, LLC is a community based residential program. It is committed and designed to provide quality care, services, treatment, and programs to individuals with a primary diagnosis of intellectual disability that may also include a concurrent psychiatric condition. The expected advantage to the individuals we serve includes establishing realistic goals with improvement in their overall level of functioning and social skills with the goal of the individual being a productive, fulfilled, integrated, connected member of society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a clean and comfortable safe haven equipped with modern amenities. Our experienced and caring staff are dedicated to the progression of each individual, and the development of their capabilities. To provide quality support for our individuals, we will employ experienced and skilled staff, who are knowledgeable of the individual’s needs and goals. Assured Development Services will strive to achieve exceptional standards approved by the program and the licensing authority.


Our Mission

Assured Development Services, LLC goals are to provide quality care and support that will enable the individuals to acquire, improve and maintain the physical, emotional, and mental health status and functional skills necessary for individuals to live in a community setting, while preparing the individuals and their families for their eventual transition and return to their home or independent living. Assured Development Services ultimate goal is to help people with intellectual disabilities lead fuller lives.

The staff of Assured Development Services will build a program that ensures increased self sufficiency of individuals through skill development, daily personal care, and domestic skills activities, money management skills, support of employment opportunities, and other means to forge their ability to function independently.